This is the course website for Professor McCreight’s Art 1010 course, an art history global survey at Brooklyn College.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Delta variant, I’ve decided to keep this course online for the time being. This website is where you can find all the information needed for the course. All major assignments will be submitted through Blackboard for grading purposes. Introductions and Expert Week posts will be posted here on the website. 

Please refer to the syllabus and the class schedule for a *detailed description and plan* of the course.

Description of the course

This online introductory course offers various windows into the development of human expression through the arts, spanning prehistory to the 20th century. Using art and aesthetics from a variety of cultures and time periods, we will explore the way that art functions within broader relevant political and social events, both reacting to and influencing major historical moments. Throughout the course, we will grapple with notions of race, gender, and hierarchy, and challenge the Euro-American canon with a collective imagination. Students will learn how to navigate and explore their own specific interests within the history of art and become aware of resources that will guide them to further complexify their research and writing. They will become comfortable with speaking and writing about specific art historical styles, issues and key terms, but also gain confidence in their own voice as writers and hopefully become inspired to mobilize their ideas and thoughts about the visual world in contemporary society.

Description of the course schedule and flow

Do you wish to schedule office hours or get in touch with the professor? See below.

Prof. Maura McCreight 
E-mail: maura.mccreight@brooklyn.cuny.edu
OpeN Office Hours:  Virtual WeDNesdays ~5/5:30 before class (same zoom link as our class zoom link)
Class meetings:  Most every Wednesday 6:05pm – 7:30pm (check class schedule for more information)