Course Schedule

The course schedule below contains the plan for the course with homework and zoom class discussion dates. It is the most important part of the course and as a result, you will likely be viewing it quite frequently. 

Please note that you can access the recorded lectures each week under the ‘Weekly Lessons’ tab above directly after our class sessions.

This class will meet every week on Zoom through November 17th, 2021 after which students will be responsible to conduct self-study in preparation for their final papers due December 15th, 2021. If you have not received a link to register for our Zoom sessions, please email me at



Homework due today: 

  1. Read “Painting of a Rice Cake” fom the Shobogenzo Gabyo by Eihei Dogen Zenji, translated by Kazuaki Tanahashi and Dan Welch
  2. Click to read instructions: Free Writing Assignment

Homework due today:

  1. Listen to the ‘How To’ video on Thesis Statements and Formal Analysis

Please note that BC has no scheduled classes today, but we will still meet. If you cannot make the class session you will not be marked off from participation points. The lecture will be recorded and posted here for you to watch at your convenience. 

Class will go until 8pm today, so please be prepared to discuss formal analysis in more detail for your midterm papers due October 13th 

Please go to Weekly Lessons and watched the pre-recorded lecture on Neoclassicism and the French Revolution

Homework due today:

  1. Listen to the Harlem Renaissance lecture (if you’re an expert, don’t forget to post here)
  2. Revised Thesis Statements and Sources Assignment Due today

Work on your final papers due December 15th, 2021. BC Calendar holiday.

Paper Outlines and Final Thesis Statements Due Today.

Work on your final papers due December 15th, 2021. Although this writing seminar is not required for participation credit, I highly encourage you all to attend as it will help you master your final papers.

Work on your final paper due December 15th, 2021. No late papers can be accepted.